• OneBook Pro: ​Book, Manage, and Earn - All in One App for Local Service Pros

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One to One Service Booking App

A tool built for home service pros to be found and booked by the local community.

Be a local service pro 

Set your schedule and fee, get booked. 

Control your look

Build your OnePro profile with your expertise, credentials and verification. 

Own your time

Pick the times you want to be booked and the amount it cost for customers to book with you. Accept or decline customer requests. 

Local and loyal bookings

Customers choose you or return to your profile and pay to book with you. Provide the service and get reviews. 

Book a Demo

Transparency - Reliability - Quality

We built an app to help local professionals provide services in a more convenient way so that we can be stronger as communities. Our system is designed for customers to find, compare and select pros based on Transparency, Reliability, and Quality.

Built for Pros

OneBook is built to even the playing field for small service businesses and independent contractors that provide the best quality work and customer service. 

Other online tools for service professionals include search engines, lead generation platforms, review sites and individual websites. 

The main issue here is that the big companies have the advantage by using the highest marketing spends to get on top of the list and purchase the most leads. 

OneBook gives power back to the local service pros. Pros will be compared next to other pros, not businesses. The customer pays for access to book directly into the available calendar the pro sets. We only take a percentage of successfully booked jobs based on the booking fee the pro chooses. 

Download the app today to get started as a pro!

Designed for Communities

What do we do when we need to hire a service professional?

  • We call our parents or a friend for recommendations.
  • We search on a browser for nearby businesses. 
  • We use lead generation platforms to input our contact information. 

The issue with all of these options is it takes time to call, qualify, get bids and schedule with a professional at a reasonable time. When submitting a job post, we are providing our contact information for that company to then go and sell to businesses. Last and probably the worst, we don't always know who the person is coming into our homes to provide the actual service. 

OneBook is designed to combine all these steps in one: Search, Compare, Schedule and Receive services. With our tool you can connect with local, qualified, and available pros when you need most. You are in control of who you are hiring and can feel more safe and comfortable than ever. 

Booking Home Services

Water. Air Conditioning. Heat. Electricity. 

Essentials to vital living conditions.

 When any of these are in need of repair, we call the professionals. The home service trade professionals are the heroes without capes when it comes to where we live. They protect our rights as humans and save our lives in the places spend the most of our time.

Our goal is to make their lives easy so they can get to people that need it the most.

Booking Other Local Services

People care about things: 

1. Ourselves

2. Pets

3. Automobiles

4. Appliances

5. Toys

6. Clothes

7. Random Things

Not in that order. Turns out other people want to help you take care of your things and you. They are trade service professionals that build their live's career doing exactly what you need. OneBook is here to help people in need of service and local servicemen and women to connect easier.